perjantai 3. maaliskuuta 2017

Going vegan for a while - cutting out meat, dairy and most of the grains - trial and error

I am still rambling with my digestive issues. I am not sure what the heck causes them, stress is one indicator for sure. Some vloggers have said that cutting out meat has made them feel better and lighter, so I just want to try it myself. 

It is funny because I want to try whole paleo 30 -diet after my vegan trial, so it's bit blurry and couses me a bit stress right now. Some people suggest veganism, others suggest paleo diet for anxiety, and I want to try both. This causes quite much uncertainty, so it has spiked my anxiety. I just hope that I can find a good diet for me and focus on letting go :)

I will tell you how I will do while in these different diets.

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