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Pilot Post - Anxiety - OCD - Candida Albicans - Yeast - Diet - Nutrition

Hi everyone! Hope you are all ok :)

I am 22 year-old man diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Now, after a 4.5 year struggle, I finally feel that I am really getting better. I wouldn't say that I am fully cured, but definitely 50% cured already. I don't use any SSRI's, but instead I have a new diet. I also got tested for yeast called candida, thank god, because I had it in my gut.

Maybe I have always had those conditions, but they did not affect my life that much until 4 years ago, when my first bad experiences with ocd and anxiety started. I remember the day as it would be yesterday. I was sure that I would become crazy. I won't go into details about my thoughts, at least not yet, because not everyone knows enough about ocd and how it works. I can say that my ocd was pure o type. I managed to live with it, although it did affect me a lot. If you know or have ocd, you really know what I mean. Somehow I managed to continue my life with ocd, and after 2 years of struggling I got diagnosed with it and GAD. At the same time, I started to learn about anxiety and ocd and how you could treat those horrible conditions. I found ERP, meditation and accepting. All of those methods were helpful to some extent, but I knew that I was not feeling how I should if I would be ok. It was an interesting but anxious time in my life. I was anxious, but not so ocd anymore.

Now it was more or less GAD, with some ocd left. 2 more years went on, and I learned how to take control of my life little bit better. No one (except those who knew the situation) really saw that i suffered with anxiety, and I was functioning quite good. I had hobbies, I worked and studied as usual, althought I really had some tough and desperate periods when I tried to find answers but found absolutely nothing. I had constant (dull, not sharp) headaches and chest pains. My shoulder muscles were also pretty tight and painful at times. I could not tolerate stress or loud voices. I looked for answers, and I tried everything from meditation to supplements, but I could not find the real answer to my problems. It was so frustrating. At the time me and my mom were sure that it had something to do with nutrition and food. But we did not know about a yeast called candida albicans.

Things did not get better until my mom took me to a functional/holistic doctor who got me to take a stool test for candida after interviewing me. She was thinking that it could be the problem behind my symptomps. I was skeptical, because I had researched so much by myself, but secretly I was very hopeful..

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