torstai 9. helmikuuta 2017

Lectins, gluten and leagy gut + not so good digestion

I have had experimental couple weeks. I have had lots of digestive problems, almost every night. This is all new to me. Before I started my candida diet and the antifungal Nystatin I had no problems with my digestion, or I had but not this much noticable. I don't know what to think about these bloatings almost every night. I have tried different foods and eating slow etc and some tips help but not enough.

I tried the SCD diet for a week to help my digestion issues The diet does not allow any complex carbohydrates (potatoes, grains, etc) so it's quite hard to manage. Especially when you cannot absorb fats properly. So at this stage of my recovery, this was not a valid diet for me because I can't replace carbs with healthy fats (because I get bloating when I eat much healthy fat).  I am seeing a functional nutrition expert next week, and I hope that I can get some answers to my digestive issues. I also feel that I might have a leaky gut because of my symptoms, and I might get tested for that. I want to hear what the expert says. I feel and hope that when I get my digestion under control, I am heading to the right direction..

Oh, and I completed my 2 month long regimen of Nystatin. Maybe that was making my digestion worse, who knows..

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