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How I got diagnosed with Candida Albicans and imbalance in my gut flora

In this blogpost, I'm going to share with you guys how I got tested and diagnosed.

So, at the functional/holistic doctor's office, i was asked about my diet, possible mold exposure, stress levels and so on. I told that I always had had problems with my gut. I am also a lactose-intolerant. I have always drank lot of milk (lactose free for past 4 years). I have had pretty high stress levels also in my teen years. The doctor was sure that I had Candida in my gut, and she was right.

She said that we should test me for my candida, and she said that I should take this test: Genova GI effects. It is a stool profile test, and because they don't analyze those in my country, I had to send my sh*t to Germany where they analyzed it. I think that if you take the same test for example in USA, you don't have to send anything to another country :). There are also easier and cheaper ways to test yourself with candida, but I think that stool profile was a safe bet.

After I had sent my sh*t to germany, it took about 4 weeks for the results to come. I did not understand the results by myself, and I had to wait for my next session with the doc where she explained that I had Candida albicans in my gut. I also had "imbalanced gut flora". These findings matched perfectly with me. I had always had problems with my stomach and a lot of gas. I felt some relief already. This might just have been the answer that I had been looking for the past 3-4 years.

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