torstai 19. tammikuuta 2017

Recovery is not a linear line - reminder to my self - Candida and Anxiety

I have had some stress in school this week. Actually I always get quite stressed when the new semester starts at the university. This is nothing new to me, and I am sure that this is quite normal for the most students. But still i feel the stress very intensely, more intensely than others. I have had constant headaches, not sharp but dull. They are just back there in my head for the whole time. They don't go away, but their volume goes up and down depending on my stress levels.

Recovery is not a linear line. That's always good to remember because always you wish that it would be and you always believe it to be.

Now, as the weekend is coming, I had to take some time to myself. I was getting hopeless. I had to go to youtube and google to find some peer support. And luckily I found. These two videos helped me tremendously.
Especially this last video was a good reminder for me. If you are doing everything right, meditating, staying positive, exercising, eating healthy and all that and you still are f*cking anxious for no reason. You know that there is basically nothing wrong with your head. You know that this anxiety does not come from your "wrong behaviour" or "self-sabotaging thinking". It comes from your gut. The problem lies down there where all almost all the neurotransmitters are made. 

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