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Omega-3 and omega-6 for anxiety

I have always been curious about supplements and how they can play a big role when treating an anxiety disorder. Last fall I made a big breakthrough in my recovery. I started taking a great dose of fatty acids regularly.

Some people could say that you really should take your fatty acids from real food, like salmon or other fish sources. In my opinion, that might be quite hard and expensive. It is lot easier to order some omega 3 capsules from iHerb or just buy them from your local grocery store. You can get them from a local store in my country, and I think that most decent stores in the US also sell these important fatty acids.

As I started taking these supplements, it took maybe 2 weeks before I noticed some difference in my mood. But I definitely felt when they kicked in, and I have taken those ever since. Normal dose of omega 3 capsules would be 2-3 capsules per day, but if you are treating an anxiety disorder, you should take 4-6 capsules at least couple of months. Also, it would be good to add some oils which also contain omega 6, such as hemp oil or flaxseed oil.

Here is what I did/still do:
- 5 capsules of omega 3 /day
- 4 teaspoons of hemp oil (cold pressed) / day
I took a questionnaire on this site and they suggested me these doses of fatty acids.

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